‘The new image quality platform’


Deltae is hosted and engineered by Picturae, a European digitization and publication company. This platform is fully made and maintained by Picturae employees: Mark Lindeman (GUI), John Rood (Architecture, GUI) and Tim Zaman (Deltae Engine).

This service in its current form has been released to public since the Imaging Science & Technology : Archiving 2012 Conference in Denmark on June 15th 2012.


The driving forces behind the development of this platform are the customers, institutions and initiatives demanding the highest digitization quality. For this we would explicitly like to thank the development of the Metamorfoze digitization guidelines from The Netherlands pioneered by Hans van Dormolen. Internationally we would like to acknowledge the FADGI guidelines from the United States. Thanks to image scientists Don Williams (Image Science Associates) and Peter Burns (Burns Digital Imaging) from the United States for valuable thoughts and consultancy.