Attention: the service will shut down 2023-12-31. See here for more info

Attentie: de service zal op 2023-12-31 sluiten. Zie hier voor meer info

Welcome to was a free web application which'd help you assess image quality based on test- and calibration-targets present in your images. After uploading an image, targets would be automatically identified and analyzed. The color- and spatial accuracy would be reported upon*, along with guideline conformity (FADGI, Metamorfoze or Metamorfoze light). Images containing ColorChecker or ColorChecker SG targets would also allow for custom ICC profile generation.

*) currently, the available parameters are: delta-E (2000, 1994G, 1994T, CMC and 1976), standard deviation, illuminance uniformity, PPI, sampling efficiency, MTF50 and MTF10, SFR amplitude and color misregistration.