‘The new image quality platform’


Multiple types of test-targets or calibration targets are supported. Some are for transparencies, while most are opaque. They come in different shapes, sizes and versions (even within a target model), and have various purposes.

Currently Supported Targets

The following table contains the target models that are currently supported in DeltaE. This means that they can be dynamically localized/detected, read-out/analyzed and compared to their reference values and the guideline of choice. Targets should at all times be correctly orientated, as straight as possible. Targets that are placed sideways or too slanted will be rejected. For more information on the correct placement see How to Place my Target.

Info Measurement data
Name Abbreviation Type Manufacturer Retail Price [€] Dimensions [mm] DPI SFR Color accuracy Grayscale accuracy Transparent
Kodak Gray Scale KGS Q13, Q14 Eastman Kodak 20,- 8" or 14" No No No Yes No
Kodak Color Separation Guide KCCP Q13, Q14 Eastman Kodak 20,- 8" or 14" No No Yes Yes No
ColorChecker CC CRC X-Rite 60,- 279 x 216 No No Yes Yes No
ColorChecker CC Mini X-Rite 30,- 83 x 57 No No Yes Yes No
ColorChecker CC Passport X-Rite 80,- 125 x 90 No No Yes Yes No
Digital ColorChecker SG SG X-Rite 250,- 290 x 204 No No Yes Yes No
QA-62 QA-62 Applied Image 140,- 95.2 x 76.2 Yes Yes No Yes No
Golden Thread Device Level Target GTD DL1.0 ISa 380,- 178 x 254 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Golden Thread Object Level Target GTO 1x ISa 250,- 235 x 25.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Universal Test Target UTT various 370,- 420 x 297 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Near Neutral Target NN ISa Yes Yes Yes Yes No
QWALLI DZ Picturae Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Deltae targetcollection.jpg

Update 19 June 2012

New target support added: the cutting edge Near Neutral (to be named) test target by Don Williams from ISa (see table).

Future Delta-E Target Support

More Target types or versions can easily be added in the future. Currently, we have implemented most main-stream digital image targets, and some legacy versions like the color control patches that are today rarely used. In the comming time we will implement the whole range of Golden Thread products, and implement the IT8 target as well, for our feature roadmap see The Deltae Roadmap.